DFD's Development Process

Most successful projects have a couple of things in common – they have a clear objective and they have a well thought out process for achieving that objective.

In consultation with you, DFD will tailor a process for your project that will best deliver the desired results with a minimum of fuss, cost and time

Our bias is for a minimum of formality (this just adds time and cost). At the same time there needs to be sufficient process to ensure:

  • Objectives and criteria for success are clearly understood by all parties.

  • Problems are detected and resolved early.

  • Cost and time blowouts are minimized.

  • Expected benefits are delivered in full

Our tendency is to use a process adapted from cyclic methodologies such as the Unified Development Process and informed by quality standards such as ISO 12207.





  • Business Focus

  • Cyclic or phased development to minimise risks

  • Low fuss

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