Case Study : Peter Berry Consultancy

Shona Tarrant - Senior Consultant - Peter Berry Consultancy

Peter Berry Consultancy is a small management consultancy based in Sydney.  We’ve been in operation for over 10 years, and among other things, we deliver services like Employee Opinion Surveys, 360 Degree Feedback and Customer Services.  This means we have to collect, process and analyse thousands of completed questionnaires at a time.  We have unique requirements for the collection and reporting of our data, and being customer driven, we need flexibility within our system so that we meet our customer’s specific requirements. 

 It used to be that most organisations preferred to use hard copy questionnaires but now we find that 95% of our customers prefer the flexibility of online surveys.  In the early days Eris from DFD designed simple access database for us and this gave us the ability to simply enter and analyse the data.  As we’ve grown, we’ve had to cope with more and larger clients.  On any given day, we might have half a dozen surveys “live” online and we need to guarantee reliability of our system and database.  We also needed to automate many of our reports so that we could cut down on our administration costs.

 Given the fact that we’re a small business, we were very conscious of limiting our IT spend and ensuring that we got a system that met our needs and allowed us to grow. We worked closely with Eris and gave him an extremely sketchy, vague and imprecise specification.  Based on that, he managed to build us a bespoke Survey Management System that allows us to design surveys, enter data, collect data online, analyse and report the results.  We’ve now got a powerful and reliable system that also meets the technical requirements of some of our big government clients like ASIC. 

 I’ve been impressed that Eris has had the business acumen to predict our future needs and build flexibility and functionality in to our system that we later realise we really need. I now know that when describe a potential enhancement to Eris he will also identify potential problems or synergies with other elements of our system.  Our Survey Management System automatically produces reports that used to take us hours or days to compile.  Eris is also extremely good at understanding what non technical people like us need from technology; and that is, trust, certainty, ease of use and reliability.  He provides us with support and is always able to help us troubleshoot issues.  

We feel as though Eris treats us like a business partner and is actually interested in making sure we get the most out of our system.






"I’ve been impressed that Eris has had the business acumen to predict our future needs and build flexibility and functionality in to our system ..."

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