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Our Principal - Eris McEncroe

Rapidly advancing technology means that many tools for managing, operating  and analysing your business once regarded as the preserve of large corporations are now accessible to small to medium sized businesses. Since forming DFD, Eris McEncroe has strived to 
bring  the advantages of modern

 technology to a wider group of businesses, both large and small.

Eris career has pursued parallel tracks in Marketing, Strategic Analysis and in Computing. His interest has always been in the use of Information Technology to solve business problems.

Eris has held a number of senior positions in both Marketing and Strategic Planning and has extensive experience in designing and building computer systems to support these activities. As Direct Marketing Manager for AGL he was responsible for the design and implementation of their marketing database. He also designed and built their first Tariff Analysis System. More recently, in the position of Senior Marketing Planner with Telstra he was responsible for the development of a major database application designed to support forecasting to the standard required for the initial Telstra float.

Eris holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree and a Certificate in Direct Marketing. He is also both a Microsoft and a Cognos Certified Professional.














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